SmallRig Super Clamp 2220

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SmallRig Super Clamp 2220

This item is still in design stage. We are brainstorming with our valued customers - that is you! Please share with us if you have any ideas or suggestions. If your idea is adopted as a core concept, you will be a CO-DESIGNER of this brand-new product and get one FOR FREE once it is officially released. Product details, subordinate functions, materials are subject to change without notice.

Designer: Bill Wang

SmallRig Super Clamp 2220

SmallRig Super Clamp 2220 is intended to improve the look and feature of the current one so that it can suit more filming scenarios and meets more customer needs. The T-handle is specially designed to fit fingers well. The jaw is fitted with silicon rubber to reduce the wear and tear of any clamped rod. The jaw can open from 10 to 51mm making it well-suited for various rods with a wide range of diameters. On the bottom of the clamp is 2 1/4”threaded holes and an arri locating hole, which allows the use of our mini nato rail and arri locating articulating arm.

Package includes:
Super clamp*1

Product dimensions:78X52X20 mm
Product weight:108g
Material:Aluminum alloy + Stainless steel