SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954

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Designer: Tracy Joy

SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954 is compatible with Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plates. It could be attached and detached fast, able to support heavy device and keen to get a balance when the camera is mounted on it. It features a Manfrotto 501 quick release plate, and shooting on the shoulder, in the hands and on the tripods could be switched swiftly.

Part of the baseplate extends out beyond the 15mm LWS rod adapter in the front. With rod adapter set back, additional space in the front is achieved to mount follow focus. It enables to position the camera backwards to some degree on the plate, so as to get the balance of your rig directly over your shoulder. The rod adapter is vertically adjustable by 23mm to fit different types of cameras, like FS7/FS7II/FS5/Ursa Mini/Canon C100. What’s more, it is equipped with a 15mm LWS rod adapter on the rear side.

Manfrotto 501 quick release plate, which is compatible with Manfrotto 577 quick release adapter could be slid about 80mm forwards or backwards when the wingnut is loose. An ARRI M6 rosette is available to attach accessories and grips, and multiple 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the side could provide additional mounting options. In addition, the shoulder pad is so soft that your shooting will be more pleasant.

Note: Shoulder Pad 1954 is compatible with Sony VCT-14, NOT compatible with Sony VCT-U14 and Wooden Camera VCT-14.

Key Features:
1. Compatible with Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plates
2. Soft shoulder pad
3. Arri M6 rosette to attach accessories and grips
4. Front rod adapter is vertically adjustable by 23mm to fit different types of cameras
5. Enough space to mount follow focus in the front
6. Manfrotto 501 quick release plate could be slid about 80mm forwards or backwards
7. 1/4"-20 threaded holes on the right side for additional accessories

Sony FS7/FS7II/FS5
Blackmagic Ursa Mini
Canon C100
Panasonic EVA-1

Package Includes:
1x Shoulder Plate
1x 1/4’’-20 Spanner
1x M4 Spanner

Product Dimensions: 257x110x53mm
Net Weight: 1020g
Package Size: 330x140x110mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy


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    The 1753 got it wrong. The 1954 got it all right.

    Posted by Andrew Hida on 17th Jul 2017

    COOLLCD Review I ordered the first iteration of SmallRig’s shoulder rig (1753), which was kind of a disappointment, probably why it was discontinued. The shoulder pad was uncomfortable, the ARRI dovetail placed the camera high up on your shoulder, and most importantly it was missing ARRI rosettes. However, the design of the 1954 got everything right. My system is built on the Manfrotto 501 QR system (with some pros and cons) for its universality. I’ve been hoping for a shoulder rig designed around the 501 instead of a proprietary QR system. SmallRig executed this well, now making transitions between various support systems in my kit seamless. Like all of SmallRig’s products, the build quality of the 1954 is excellent. Thumb screws tighten down nicely, and loosen with ease. The shoulder pad is cushy and comfortable, but not too soft where it doesn’t offer any support (I’m skeptical of the durability of the fabric they used to cover the cushion). The machining is excellent. And the weight is spot on. The integrated 501 plate along the axis of the shoulder rig provides more than enough lateral length to position both short-bodied and long-bodied cameras. Sinking the 501 into the shoulder plate also gets the camera low to the shoulder. Mounting a Sony FS5 with a SmallHD 502 monitor forced me to place the camera pretty far forward (I had to unscrew and remove the QR safety pin to make it sit enough forward). This made the rig front-heavy, which was remedied with an 1890 counterweight on the back end of the pad. The ARRI rosettes are removable if you want to cut weight, as is the front dual 15mm rod clamp. This shoulder rig is fantastic, and integrates into my kit perfectly.

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    Posted by Brett Mullen on 20th May 2017

    A wonderfully priced V-Lock/shoulder mount combo that you'd be paying double for else where. I like the addition of the sliding Manafrotto plate on the top as well (so many situations call for this in my workflow). Can't wait to put it through a couple fast paced jobs!

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    Love the idea, but one key point

    Posted by Coulton Photography on 8th Feb 2017

    I love this idea as it helps address some key points that turned me off your original design. However there is still on key thing I would like to see and that is to move the front 15mm rob clamps back behind the front VCT plate mount so as to allow pushing the camera body further back behind the shoulder balance point while still having fully usable rods. This could be achieved though having the ARRI Rosettes removable from the plate bolted to the front VCT extension, beneath the the space for the 15mm rods. This would allow removal of the side you don't need (left) or both to give room for a follow focus that needs to be far closer to the camera body. Check out the latest Zacuto unit for an idea what I mean. Also these ARRI Rosettes could even be also supplied as a 15mm rod block that can be used as needed. Your customer service department has my email if you would like to message me directly on my thoughts.