SMALLRIG Rosette Handle Kit(rubber shot arm) 1443

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SMALLRIG Rosette Handle Kit(rubber shot arm) 1443

It features independent anti-slip handles utilizing SMALLRIG rosettes. Each handle or arm has an array of threaded holes. Put the handgrips in front of your body for easy camera control. Threaded holes on arms and handles for attaching accessories like monitors, rod clamps, cheeseplates, battery mounts, and more. Four main pivoting points that can spin 360°are controlled independently by black tension levers, which offers you unlimited positioning options. The quick release clamp on crossbar saves your time on manipulation when attaching rods, just tighten the knob on each end. It is ideal for quick, lightweight, shoulder-mounted configurations.

Please note the diameter of the rosette is 28mm, uncompatible with RED rosette.

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Rubber

1x Collarbone 1401
2x Handle 1118
2x Rosette Arm 1242