SmallRig Professional Run-N-Gun Kit for Sony PXW-FS7/FS7II 2045

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2.24 KGS

Designer: Tracy Joy

SmallRig Professional Run-N-Gun Kit for Sony PXW-FS7/FS7II 2045
The ultimate run-n-gun solution for Sony PXW-FS7/FS7II. Included U-shape top plate, battery support plate, V-mount plate, VCT-14 compatible shoulder plate, extension arm, wooden hand grip, and two 15mm rods.

Key Features
1.Exclusively designed for Sony PXW-FS7, the U-shape top plate does not interfere with any original functions of camera.
2.The battery support plate 1547 can be mounted on dual 15mm rods. It is compatible with batteries from Anton Bauer QRC, Switronix, RED, Blueshape, etc.
3.Battery support plate and V-mount battery plate enables you to maximize battery life with external batteries.
4.Shoulder Plate 1954 is compatible with Sony VCT-14. With this shoulder plate, you can quickly switch between shoulder carrying, tripod and handheld shooting.
5.With Extension Arm 1870 and Wooden Hand Grip 1891, the original FS7 hand grip could be held in a more comfortable position.

User Scenarios
1.Mount the U-Shape Top Plate 1975 on camera body with 4 1/4” screws. The top plate provides basic protection and more extension possibilities of Sony PXW-FS7.
2.Lock the Manfrotto baseplate of Shoulder Plate 1954 on the bottom side of camera body. The shoulder plate is a start point of more accessories and devices.
3.Insert 15mm Rod 1050 (2pcs) into the rear end of Shoulder Plate 1954. Then secure the Battery Support Plate 1547 on dual rod. Mount batteries with V-Mount Plate 1846 on the battery support plate. This allows you to maximize battery life with external power supply.
4.Lock the original extension arm and hand grip of FS7 on the Arri rosette of Shoulder Plate 1954. You could use the FS7 hand grip in a more comfortable way.
5.Insert 15mm Rod 1051 (2pcs) into the front side of shoulder plate. More accessories like matte box, follow focus and lens support can be mounted on the rods.
6.Lock Extension Arm 1870 and Wooden Hand Grip 1891 on the Arri rosette in the other side of shoulder plate. Two hand grips, one shoulder plate and more devices on rods make it a complete run and gun solution.

Sony PXW-FS7

Package Includes
1 x U-Shape Top Plate 1975
1 x Battery Support Plate1547
1 x V-Mount Plate 1846
1 x Shoulder Plate 1954
1 x Extension Arm 1870
1 x Wooden Hand Grip 1891
1 x 15mm Rod 1050
1 x 15mm Rod 1051
1 x Hex Spanner

Item Specifications
Product Dimensions: N/A
Net Weight: 2236g
Package Size: 470 x 145 x 120mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Foam, Wood