SmallRig Follow Focus System for DSLR and Video Cameras 1780

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This is an original design of SmallRig Follow Focus System for DSLR and Video Cameras 1780.

Co-designer: Gregory Gillaspie
Designer: Tracy Joy  

SmallRig Follow Focus System for DSLR and Video Cameras 1780 is designed as a focusing aid accessories giving accurate control to the focus.

With the quick release clamp design, you can easily snap the follow focus on the 15mm rods. It has the integrated A/B hard stops to help you enhance the precision of focusing in a certain range, friendly operation. A bright white magnetic marking disk is perfect for marking the mark while shooting.

A turnover gearbox adjusts the drive gear front and rear, and it is compatible with lenses of any size. Besides, the gear on gearbox can be taken down and mount on the other hand. The precise gearbox gives you a smooth operation. Also, with the NATO rail at the bottom, you can easily adjust the follow focus to fit for different size lenses.

What's more, you can reverse the gear direction for great compatibility of NIKON and CANON lenses.

We are collecting ideas on it. Welcome to share your ideas with us!



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    few tweaks

    Posted by peter allely on 25th Jun 2016

    Really interested in this. Agree with the other posts here, needs two rod support and quick release. Focus point etched and ideally moveable, making it easily viewable in both single operator shoulder mount at 3o'clock and 12o'clock for dedicated puller.

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    nice design

    Posted by fab on 10th Jun 2016

    nice design but it needs some refinement
    white marking disk with magnet quick release
    definitely 2 rail support 1 is to flimsy and tends to slide of
    the hard stop bracket should be removable so it also works for manual lenses with hard stops

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    Need some improvments

    Posted by Musthafa on 27th May 2016

    I like the design.
    Few options could be:
    Quick release system.
    Friction adjustment for the knob.
    Remote lever
    White ring for marking points for focus puller
    System should have 2 rail support, as it can easily come off

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    Posted by Josh Fong on 25th May 2016

    1. Please reduce weight as much as possible. For DSLR shooters in particular, front weighted rigs are tough to operate for extended periods. I know most people use metric but can you also not weights in imperial for US and UK customers. We don't know kilograms intuitively.
    2. A single lock knob to secure the unit to the rail seems unrealistic. The spacing of that second rod hole seems curious.
    3. It can be difficult to reach those lock knobs under the barrel to slide the unit away from the lens. If you could solve the lock by putting it on the outside of the sliding rail somehow, this would be better. What if you employed Quick Release plate or Arca method for attaching the unit to the rod mount?

    An alternative would be the more complicated ARRI style swing away arm to disengage the unit. This is the fastest & most preferable design. More expensive unfortunately probably. Could rosette EVF style arm designs be put into use here?
    4. Where is the marking disk for the Focus Puller?
    5. I assume you will etch a focus line on the tab above the knob so we know where the focus mark is. The mock up needs that indicated.
    6. How quickly could the gear wheel be switched out if it were damaged?
    7. It could really use a quick-release design for fast dismounting from the rods. Sliding it off is too cumbersome. I think you should have a 2 rail mount for any follow focus. This item is completely useless if it isn't rock solid.
    8. Can the know width be thinner?

    Great looking design for starters. As always, your innovation and attention to detail are impressive. Thanks for taking on this important piece of gear!