SmallRig EVF Support for Canon C200 Camera 2064

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Designer: Esther Chen

SmallRig EVF Mount Bracket for Canon C200 2064
The EVF mount bracket is ideally designed for Canon C200 cameras. It is compatible with Canon C200 original top handles or our top plate SmallRig 2056. The rod is 15cm long and the rod clamp can move in different direction along the rod.

Key Features:
1.Exclusively compatible for Canon C200 cameras
2.Gear racks on the top plate for anti-deflection
3.The combination of the NATO rail and the rod clamp for adjusting mounted monitor in up/down, front/rear and left/right directions
4.Length of the rod: 15cm

SmallRig top plate 2064 is designed exclusively for Canon C200. It consists of the 15mm Rod, a rod clamp, a rod to NATO rail and a NATO clamp. The gear racks and one 1/4” counterbore enable the plate to be mounted on Canon C200 original top handles or top plate (SmallRig 2056). The 15mm clamp connects the 15mm rod and the rod clamp to NATO rail via. one 1/4” screw. It can easily move along the rod. The Top Plate has two 1/4” holes with 46mm spacing to match Canon’s C200 original top handles. The two M4 threaded holes with 26mm spacing fit perfectly for attaching Canon’s C200 original microphones. On the sides and the main body of the plate there are Arri locating holes for attaching the accessories with Arri locating pins (SmallRig 1978). The top plate offers an array of 1/4" and 3/8" threads which can be used to have different mounting options around the camera, for example, our handle (SmallRig 1984), NATO handle (SmallRig 1955), EVF mount bracket (SmallRig 2064), arms and more.

Canon C200 cameras

Package Includes:
1 x EVF Mount Bracket
2 x 1/4” Srew
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 150x30x98.78 mm
Net Weight: 138g
Package Size: 215x115x65mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy