SMALLRIG Cinema Camera Shoulder Support Rig 1813

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SMALLRIG Cinema Camera Shoulder Support Rig 1813 is a shoulder support rig which can easily be switched from shoulder to tripod system. The Base plate 1674 can attach different cameras on the top and varieties of quick release plates under the bottom, so you can attach the shoulder support rig to varieties of tripods. The Rosette Handle Kit 1442 allows you to adjust the handle to a comfortable position. When you don’t need the shoulder pad 1490, the Shoulder Pad 1490 also can be quickly disassembled from the Shoulder Support Rig. Besides, the lens support 1784  takes much of the stress off your camera's lens mount. Hurriedly buy it to make your photography more perfect.

1. The shoulder pad can be quickly disassembled
2. Compatible with a variety of quick release plate
3. The handle with adjustable joint
4. With a lens support

1x Base plate 1674
2x Rod 1055
1x Shoulder Pad 1490
1x Lens Support 1784
1x Rosette Handle Kit 1442
1x Hex Spanner

Net Weight: 1400g
Product Dimension (L X W X D)
Material: Aluminum Alloy

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