SMALLRIG Cameraman Dark blue T-shirt 1672

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Soft cotton, comfortable fit and logos to sleeve and upper back. Three sizes optional: M, L, XL.

How to get them for free?

There has always been questions about one of our event, that is Gather 3 scenic to win the prize, what’s the prize are they talking about. Well here we are officially revealing the prize.
What we all know is that there is one brochure in every dispatched parcel from SmallRig, the three scenic spots are the Great Wall, Mount Huangshan, and Guilin, if you ever happened to collect the three of those, any three scenics will do, we will be giving out a SmallRig owned T-shirt.

Here is some instructions for you do to that with shipping free, firstly send the photo of the three scenic spots you collected to our customer service Email, tell our service representatives the European size of the T-shirts in need along with the shipping address. Prize collection completed.

All of our convertible presents are limited, make sure be the first one to get them!