SMALLRIG Camera Clip for DSLR Camera 1948

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This is an original design of SMALLRIG Camera Clip for DSLR Camera 1948.

Designer: Barry Huang

SMALLRIG Camera Clip for DSLR Camera 1948 securely holds your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. It is ideal for photographers who need their hands free and have an instant access to their camera. Made of a piece of aluminum alloy, it is much lighter. This clip can be also mounted directly to a tripod and be used as a quick release clamp.

For using this device, just mount the quick release plate to your camera with one 1/4’’ screw, clamp the clip around a strap or belt and secure in place by tightening the two bolts. Then, slide your camera into the clip and lock in place, it will not detach unless you push the quick release button. This quick-released clip lets you do other things whenever and wherever.

Material: Aluminum Alloy

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