SmallRig Cage for SmallHD 501/502 Monitor 2177

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Designer: Evans Pan   
SmallRig SmallHD 5”Monitor cage 2177

Selling point:
1.Fully protects SmallHD 501 and SmallHD 502 monitor
2.Provides four types of mounting point
3.Allows quick mount and dismount via arri locating and nato clamp accessories
4.Protects HDMI and SDI cable ensuring solid transmission
5.Comes with a dedicated sunhood providing great viewing experience in harsh lighting conditions
SmallRig SmallHD 5”Monitor Cage 2177 is dedicated for SmallHD 501 and SmallHD 502 monitor. The monitor can be mounted via the 1/4”-20 threaded hole on the back and on the right side of the cage. Nato rails on both sides can mount our wooden grip such as Right wooden handle 2117 and Left Wooden Handle 2118. The nato rail on the bottom can mount the rod clamp 1254, and together with a 15mm rod they allow quick adjustment and positioning of the monitor. Accessories such as magic arm 2065 and 2115 can be attached via multiple 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16 threaded holes and arri locating holes. The package comes with a dedicated HDMI cable clamp providing good protection. It is also compatible with cable clamp 1693 protecting SDI cable so that good transmission is ensured. Lastly, it comes with a dedicated sunhood providing great viewing experience even in harsh lighting conditions.

Note:It is NOT compatible with SmallHD 502 Bright.

SmallHD 501 monitor and SmallHD 502 monitor

Package includes:                                    
1*monitor cage
1*1/4”-20 screw
1*Hex spanner
Product dimensions: 162.6 X 93.5 X 38mm
Package dimensions: 200 X 140 X 55mm
Product weight: 214g
Package weight: 295g
Material: Aluminum Alloy