SmallRig Baseplate for Kinefinity Terra/Mavo/Mavo LF MD2302

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Designer: Ruben de Boer
SmallRig Baseplate for Kinefinity Terra/Mavo/Mavo LF

SmallRig Baseplate for Kinefinity Terra/Mavo/Mavo LF provides the Kinefinity Terra and Mavo series cameras with lots of 1/4” mounting points without adding much weight. The extra mounting points can be used to attach 15mm rod support or a V-Lock assembly, for example. It is a great way to increase flexibility without needing to add much rigging. The baseplate attaches securely to the camera with two 3/8” screws and one 1/4” screw. A tripod plate can be mounted underneath the baseplate.

NOTE: The baseplate design is 3mm longer than the camera. This way, all accessoires added to the back will have the required spacing for ventilation of the camera to prevent overheating.

Key Features:
1. Adds mounting points to the Terra or Mavo series camera without adding much weight.
2. Possible to attach a rod support.
3. Equipped with 1/4" threaded holes and one 3/8” hole for use with tripod plates.

Smallrig Dual 15mm Rod Clamp 1943
Smallrig V-Lock Assembly Kit 1846

Package Includes:
1 x Baseplate
2 x 1/4” screw
1 x 3/8” screw