SmallRig Articulating Arm with Double Ballheads( 1/4’’ Screw) 2070

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Designer: Yetta White

SmallRig Magic Arm 2070
SmallRig Magic Arm with 1/4” Screw Ball Heads and Ball Head Clamp 2070

Key Features:
1.It is made up of double ball heads with 1/4’’ screws and a ball head clamp.
2.The rotary knob allows users to lock the ball head tight.
3.The combination of the ball heads and ball head clamp enables 360 degree rotation.

SmallRig Magic Arm 2070 includes 1/4” Screw Ball Heads and Ball Head Clamp. The combination of the ball heads and clamp enables the Magic Arm 2070 with the 360 degree rotation. Thus, the monitors can be adjusted in different angels. The two ball heads can connect monitors and Top Plate 1853/1974/2032 or Side Plate 1854. Users can use the rotary knob to lock the two ball heads tight and stabilized. In addition, each ball comes along with a rubber pad. The rubber pads protect the monitors from scratching.


Package Includes:
2 x 1/4” Screw Ball Head
1 x Ball Head Clamp
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 140x26x52mm
Net Weight: 152g
Package Size: 155x80x40mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Steel Stainless