SMALLRIG ARRI Rosette Extension Arm for Sony FS5 1935

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Designer: Olivia Hall

SMALLRIG ARRI Rosette Extension Arm for Sony FS5 1935 is an adjustable rosette extension arm, specially designed for Sony FS5. It comes with ARRI standard rosettes (M6, 31.8mm diameter) on opposite ends. The extension distance is from 168mm-266mm. Matching SMALLRIG Sony FS5 ARRI Standard Body Rosette 1866 and Sony FS5 ARRI Standard Grip Rosette 1867, you can relocate FS5 handgrip to achieve the remote control. It features a NATO rail in the middle, which allows to adjust forwards and backwards just through quickly tightening and loosening the M5 thumbscrew. Besides, we considerately provide a M3 thread to prevent the NATO rail from accidental removal. If you purchase this product, we will send you LANC Remote Cable 1824.

Key Features:
1. ARRI standard rosettes (M6, 31.8mm diameter) on opposite ends
2. Feature an adjustable NATO rail with 167mm-255mm extension distance
3. A M3 thread is designed to prevent the NATO rail from accidental removal
4. 360°angle adjustment according to your usage requirement
5. Relocate the FS5 handgrip to achieve remote control
6. 1/4’’ & 3/8’’ thread holes for additional rigs attachment

Sony FS5

Package Includes:
1 x Extension Arm with ARRI Rosette 1870
1 x FS5 ARRI Standard Body Rosette 1866
1 x FS5 ARRI Standard Handgrip Rosette 1867
1 x LANC Remote Cable 1824

Product Dimensions: 203x72x35mm
Net Weight: 186g
Package Size: 220x80x40mm
Package Weight: 200g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

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    Almost there...

    Posted by Mike C. on 7th Apr 2017

    I LOVE this idea - That said I think there is a little more work that can go into this. First of all I love the weight of this arm - it’s very lightweight and adds next to no additional weight to the camera rig itself - I hesitate to pay out the nose for custom parts for any camera because resell on those parts is so poor, hence looking at the SmallRig option. I do have the FS5 baseplate and top cheeseplates and love those. Very very happy. The arm kit however… First of all I’m using the rig with a SmallRig shoulder pad directly under the camera via quick release plate. This balance the camera right over my shoulder. In order to use the arm comfortably, I have to extend it fully wherein there is some flex to the unit with the handle attached. Not a huge concern but it defeats the purpose of being able to use it fully extended, IMO. Rigging this system does not allow for quick reattachment of the FS5 handgrip back to the camera if you need to. You must first remove the rosette from the grip and the rosette from the side of the camera (if attached) and it requires you to use a microscrewdriver to do so (at least on the handgrip) - if you want to leave it as a FS7-ish set up, it’s wonderful. Worst issue is the LANC cable provided - length is perfect however the cable does not rest in the handgrip as does the original Sony cable so the little cover over the port is not re-attachable. I would prefer just a male - female extension cable at this point (like Wooden Camera or Zacuto) which would eliminate the need to remove the smallish cable from the handgrip at all. I love the option of lower cost hardware for these cameras - Some really nice stuff by SmallRig / CoolLCD however sometimes you get what you pay for. Maybe we’ll see an improvement in this kit by V.02?