SMALLRIG ARCA Swiss Quick Release Baseplate Pack for Sony FS7 1957

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This is an original design of SMALLRIG ARCA Swiss Quick Release Baseplate Pack for Sony FS7 1957

Designer: Yetta White

SMALLRIG ARCA Swiss Quick Release Baseplate Pack for Sony FS7 1957 features a Sony FS7 customized ARCA Swiss QR plate on the top and a unified baseplate on the bottom. It allows to mount 15mm rods, keeping rod center to lens center a standard distance (85mm). The ARCA Swiss QR plate allows to slide backwards and frontwards a short distance to keep camera balance. This baseplate comes with one ARRI standard rosette on each side, in a easy way, you can attach ARRI style extension arms for handhold. The bottom of the baseplate is an ARRI standard dovetail, which allows to directly attach ARRI style QR plate 1463.

Product Dimensions: 88x97x36mm
Net Weight: 332g
Material: Aluminum Alloy

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    Finally! Looks like a fantastic baseplate!

    Posted by Matt on 21st Feb 2017

    I really hope this gets made. Looks like finally the baseplate has the correct lens-to-rods spacing!

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    cong ty idate asia

    Posted by Stephenhoge on 25th Jan 2017

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