SmallRig 25mm Rod Clamp for DJI Ronin M/Ronin MX/Freefly MOVI 1860

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Designer: Evans Pan

SMALLRIG 25mm Rod Clamp for DJI Ronin M/Ronin MX/Freefly MOVI 1860 is aiming at mounting additional accessories on the DJI Ronin series, like Ronin M, Ronin MX and any other items with 25mm or 1” rods. EVF Mount, Ball Head, Cold Shoe mount can be installed by screws on arrays of 1/4'' and 3/8'' screw holes.

 DJI Ronin M, Ronin MX, Freefly MOVI stabilizers and any other 25mm or 1" rods.
Key Features:
1.Quick clamp on the 25mm rod
2.Optional screw holes for other mounts assembled

1x 25mm Rod Clamp 1860
1x Hex Spanner
2x 1/4"-20 Screw

Net Weight: 65g
Package Weight: 80g
Dimensions: 48x28.5x43mm
Package size: 104x96x30mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy