Cool Cheese Plate V5 multi-purpose mounting plate 1094

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The Horizontal Cool-Cheese-Plate-V5 has even more mounting options. With the addition of our 15mm railblock, it can now be mounted horizontally on 15mm lightweight (60mm spaced) rails. This keeps a low profile kit and is great for tripod use. Now, all four quick release lever controlled rod ports are available to hold your accessories.  The Cool-Cheese-Plate-V5 is covered in 3/8"-16 and ¼"-20 holes to mount threaded accessories.

You can mount the 15mm railblock to either side in order to use whichever side you need for your accessories. The HorizontalCool-Cheese-Plate-V5 can also be mounted vertically.

1x Cool-Cheese-Plate-V3 - 1092
2x 15mm-RailBlock-3 - 942
1x Hex Spanner
4x 1/4" Screws

Material:Aluminum Alloy

Net Weight:324g