Posted by Coollcd on 29th Jul 2016

The Impression of the Summer

The Impression the summer

Hi guys and girls, 

Hope everyone is having a great Summer! Here at SmallRig we’re announcing our "Impressions of Summer film festival". We want you to show us your unique summer in your own special way and we'll share the best entries online at
Feel free to be as creative as you want with your images and there's no maximum length either! So what are you waiting for, get out there and start shooting.

Let’s see your passion for filmmaking!


The Impression of the Summer

The prizes:
1. First prize (1X)
A. An Trophy
B. A full set of sponsorship of SmallRig products
C. 30% discount coupon to SmallRig products
2 .Second prize (2x)
A. SmallRig Shoulder Support system
B. 30% discount coupon to SmallRig products
3. Third prize (3x)
A. A SmallRig custom made cage
B. 30% discount coupon to SmallRig products
4. Participation Prize (all participants)
30% discount coupon to SmallRig products

Terms and Conditions:
A.  All images must be your own, there are no content restrictions as long as there is nothing illegal.
B. The clip should be named beginning with “SmallRig invited”,for example, [SmallRig invited, MyGreatSummer]
C. The clip must be uploaded during the campaign and the link must be provided to SmallRig Co,Ltd.
D. Join "The Impression of Summer" group on Facebook to communicate with others and share your clips and small rig products.
E.The competition runs from August 1st - September 31th,2016. Don’t wait! Join the competition as soon as possible.

How to take part in:
Send us the link of your clip to our customer service Email at or with the Subtitle of “SmallRig Invited+your name”, we will reply to you when we receive your email as soon as we can.

How we choose the winner:
The winner of the competition is judged by small rig and based on a combination of shares,comments,likes and views.

For questions and further information please contact us directly at

                                                                                                                                              SmallRig Co,.Ltd