Posted by Fabian Chaundy on 30th Dec 2016

SmallRig Sony FS5 Baseplate Gets Needed Update

If you're a Sony FS5 user looking to rig up your camera, you may have come across my review of the SmallRig FS5 Kit when looking for potential solutions. Check out this small redesign that the company …

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Posted by Cairn Emmerson on 21st Nov 2016

The Sony FS5 Shoulder Rig

In September 2015, Sony released another PXW series camera, the Sony PXW-FS5, a Super 35 interchangeable-lens camera with a small and compact body. It can record in HD or UHD 4K and also shares many o …

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Posted by mcbob on 7th Nov 2016

SmallRig FS5 Kit for Sony FS5

I recently had the chance to acquire and try out SmallRig's new FS5 accessory kit over a busy two weeks of corporate and documentary shoots - figured I'd post a few thoughts on its utility and value.T …

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1st Nov 2016

FS5 Accessories Kit for Sony FS5

Rig accessory company CoolLCD have a bundle of products specifically for the Sony FS5 at a very affordable price. Read on for my impressions of their SmallRig FS5 Kit.My first experience with CoolLCD …

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