Posted by Benjamin Cotton on 31st Jul 2017

SmallRig Sony VCT-14 Shoulder Plate 1954

I recently got my hands on the new Smallrig VCT shoulder plate 1954.

My first impression was wow! A really well made shoulder pad with VCT compatibility and at a more than half price of the competition!

I bought the VCT Shoulder plate 1954 to use with my Sony FS7, so far its been wonderful. The camera sits solid on the shoulder plate and it is comfortable on the shoulder.

The shoulder platehas also opened some new options for extras on my FS7.

Previously I was unable to use a follow focus with my fs7 as it was sitting to high and the Follow focus wouldn’t be able to reach the lens. The 1954 shoulder plate has two 15mm rod clamps with height adjustability built in too the front of the plate, now I am able to raise the Follow focus to the height of the lens and use it!.

I love the fact that there is two built-in Arri Rosettes on the shoulder plate. I moved my Sony extension arm down to the plate and on the left side I was able to add the Smallrig Extension Arm Arri Rosette 1870 together with the

Smallrig Wooden grip rosette 1891. Its made the whole rig feel much more complete and comfortable. It is also helps a lot with added stability.

The Smallrig VCT shoulder plate 1954 is VCT compatible which is awesome. It such a relief to use a professional lock like the VCT, it is extremely reliable and so simple and fast.

I nice feature is that the camera sits on a standard manfrotto 501 quick release plate. Its great because your able to fine tune the balance by sliding the plate back and forth when using it on your shoulder. Also if you don’t use a VCT plate you can still slide the camera off the shoulder plate and use it on another tripod which is manfrotto 501 compatible. These kind of simple add-ons really give you great value.

I’m looking forward to using this new Smallrig VCT shoulder plate 1954 on set and out on the field, a must have shoulder plate!