Posted by John G. (CamTec Tv) on 10th Feb 2017

SmallRig Quick Cage Kit Review

I want to start out by saying WOW! This kit from SmallRig is amazing, Starting with the quality, versatility, and the price point.
This SmallRig cage kit consist of a camera cage, rail base with a cheese plate base, two 12" 15mm rails, a NATO rail with handle, and a 15mm lens support.

This is the SmallRig Versa Cage (Top plate, Bottom Plate, Base Cheese Plate with mini 15mm extension and 15mm rod adapters.

quick cage kit

As a DSLR Filmmaker it's hard mounting multiple accessories to the camera since it only has the hot shoe as a mounting point. SmallRig has created a compact and versatile cage. The Versa cage allows you to adapt and mount numerous accessories to your camera and as well adds some protection to your kit.

Quick Cage

The camera cage has two 6" rails with 1/4" and 3/8” threaded for mounting  different accessories to them as well they are the support for your upper and lower plates attached to the camera. The top and lower plate are cheese plate that has numerous 1/4" and 3/8". 

quick cage kit
The upper plate attaches to the camera's hotshoe to prevent the camera from twisting once mounted to the cage. The construction of the camera cage is out an aluminum that is tough enough to with stand any drops or twists and is anodized in a black color finish. As for the bottom plate it has several mounting point for a base plate and also has two 15mm rods adapter/extension.

Quick cage
Underneath the plate, you have your 1/4’’camera screw that has good amount of travel for your camera to move forward and backwards to able to Alined properly to the cage. The camera cage give more than enough space to access your battery, SD card slot, and all your port on the side including all your dials, buttons, and LCD screen and easy to access without any problems. While the cage is built close to your camera it can be adjusted with the two locking lever that are on the upper part of the cage as well on the lower part. This allows you to use your cage with multiple cameras. Each of these points of the cage are removable and adjustable allowing you to be flexible with your cage. By the way you can use one side only if you decided to and just want to mount one or two things to It and making it more compact. Even with one side with rod it is still super strong and sturdy, so all and all it is a must have for anyone doing any type of filming. Like I always say better to have it when you need than not to when you need it. 

base plate

Now that we have talk about the SmallRig cage, let’s talk a bit about the other parts that comes in this kit. The cage has 2 designated point for a set of mini 15mm rods that adapt to the cage via 2 1/4'' Allen keyed bolts and attach to a 15mm adapter. From here you can adapt the cheese plate that comes with the kit so you attach your quick release of choice. The cheese plate has multiple thread allowing your quick release plate from twisting once mounted. Once mounted there isn't any flex or twist what so ever, everything is super strong and sturdy.

base plate

Within the kit SmallRig also provide (2) 12" rods that are constructed out of aluminum which are strong and don't flex. At each end of the rods they are threaded in the inside so if you need to extend your rods to be longer you can do so.

Lens Support

If you will be using long heavy lens like 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 300mm or any Cine lens SmallRig includes in this kit a lens support that attaches to your 15mm rails.

This protects your cameras lens mount from those heavy lens. Since you not holding you lens as you would when taking photos, When Managing your camera while its mounted to the cage and if your lens doesn't have a support your lens will putting all the load on your lens mount and can damage it. 

One of my favorite parts of the kit is the handle with the NATO rail. This NATO handle is so versatile, it has numerous mounting threads and as well as two cold shoes, one in a normal position and the other in a vertical position.

NATO Handle

This allows you mount many things like mics or monitors however your setup requires. The other part that it's pretty cool is that it's adjustable. It has two 1/4" bolts that hold it in place, once loosen you can move your handle forwards and backwards. This handle also has two 15mm rod slot allowing you to mount a 15mm of choice for monitors audio recorder and other accessories. 

NATO handle

The NATO handle alone is super handy and feature packed. It's NATO rail attach for those of you that don't know it slides to the rail and locks down on the handle. The rail has two tabs that prevent to handle from coming of in order to get the handle of you have to press down the tab and then slide out the handle. These are the reason why I like this handle so much.

The entire cage kits come at a very reasonable price for all features it comes with. The great thing about SmallRig is that they have kits you can buy at affordable prices or you can buy any parts separately with also super handy since other company only sell kits only and can be pricey compared to SmallRig. They have tons of part for any camera manufacture like Canon, Nikon, Sony, RED, Blackmagic Cinema. They are always creating new product to ease and make our filming that much better with their products.