Posted by SmallRig on 7th Aug 2017

SmallRig DIY Camera Rigs Feedback

Hello dear SmallRigfans, did you have fun in ourDIY Camera RigContest? It’s our honor to have 25 participants who shared their own understanding of camera setup, and more friends that joined our DIY Camera Rig community (

Photography and videography skill means more than knowing your camera, but also utilizing devices, environments and basically everything you have to create the best frame. SmallRig wants to build this community where you can find brilliant ideas from other film makers.

Now let’s congratulate the winners of DIY Camera Rig Contest!

First Prize:

Bj Ko

Second Prizes:

Abhishek Chaturvedi

Todd Matthews

Third Prizes:

Bes Roche

Mitja Braun

Matt Young

Lucky Prize:

Roland Danielzig

Thank you all for joining this activity. The game will be continued every month. Maybe you’re the next winner!