Posted by Cairn Emmerson on 14th Nov 2016

New Atomos Shogun Monitor Cage

Atomos has been playing a leading role in the development of 4K monitors. Their first version of 4k recording monitor, the Shogun carries a bunch of features that cinematographers love, including DNxHD and Prores codecs.

SmallRig kindly sent me this Shogun cage for review, which I am allowed to keep for my time making the review. I actually was in need of a cage for my Shogun, so that was great.

I've previously had a play with other cages, such as the Shape, and SmallRig shogun Cage manage to pull off a solid & form-fitting product. It's a fully surrounding rectangular cage and is attached to the shogun with two 1/4”-20 screws. When I tightened these screws, I felt like that the cage and the monitor turned to one whole piece. Previous to this I used the "bumper" that Shogun supply with their action pack (I think that's what it was called).

The two side bars left all the ports accessible. There is a clip that prevents the SSD from slipping out of the Shogun. In addition, the shogun cage also comes with an HDMI cable lock. At the bottom of the cage, they have embedded a NATO rail. The rail provides a convenient way of mounting the monitor via an arm. It's essential to get a solid articulating arm to connect to the camera or rails.
We often use our Shogun as a director's monitor, and have attached handles to the side of the Shogun cage. 

Over all, that’s my experience with the shogun cage so far is great. I've used it now on hald a dozen shoots and it's held up well. No scratches showing yet, and it's kept the monitor well protected. It's also very light and COVERED with mounted holes. What is it with camera geeks and mounting holes. We love them! OK, well I do anyway. It's certainly a product I would recommend. 

I’m always open for any thoughts, ideas and opinions. Drop me any questions if you have any and I'll help where I can.