Posted by SmallRig on 8th May 2017

​Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

No matter where we are, she's always the one who loves us the most in the world.

She gave us life and brought us up.

Why not take a photo of her and say “Happy Mother’s Day”.

We’d like to offer the following awards or discounts on Mother's Day to thank you for the long-term trust and support in Coollcd.

Up to $300 gift certificates for the final prize winner.

15% off for the products if you take part in the photo competetion and send us the photo. The photo is about mother.
End Date:13th May 2017.

10% off for the products on Mother's Day for those clients who do not take part in the photo competition.

Since 12th May 2017, all clients could enjoy at least 30% off for the products in Deals Products zone.
Don't hesitate and join us!!

Please contact us by submiting it to