1st Nov 2016

FS5 Accessories Kit for Sony FS5

Rig accessory company CoolLCD have a bundle of products specifically for the Sony FS5 at a very affordable price. Read on for my impressions of their SmallRig FS5 Kit.

My first experience with CoolLCD was just over a year ago, when building a shoulder rig for my Panasonic GH4. I knew I didn’t want to buy one of the many pre-made DSLR shoulder rigs available in the market, both because I had various parts already lying around and because I knew I had some very precise requirements. Ready-made products offered either too little functionality, or exceeded what I was looking in terms of features, size, weight and price.
One of the nice things about SmallRig is that they are open to co-designing products with their costumers, with free samples for contributors whose ideas that make it to the final product. One such product was the FS5 Baseplate, part of their SmallRig FS5 Accessory Kit 1861

FS5 Accessories kit

The SmallRig FS5 Kit comes with 4 accessories that try to solve some of the minor shortcomings of the Sony FS5. It is available from the CoolLCD website for $186.