15th Feb 2014

Forgot Password?

Please don’t worry, very easy to get a new password.

While you are trying to login at , but can not remember your password, Just click “Forgot your password”, and you go to the password forgotten page.

Then enter your email address in the box and click "submit", you will get an email with a new password.

Finally, login your email to get the new password. Sometimes you need to wait some time to receive the email message, please be a little more patient. If you still can not receive the email, please try again.

In case of your email being unable to receive an email message containing a new password.
1.Please open a new account with another email;
2.Please contact with us via another email, and we can change your account using the email you offer;
2. Plese contact with us via Live Chat.

Note: please make sure your email can normally receive email, maybe it's full, you need to delete old mail.