28th Sep 2016

Best Form-fitting Camera Cage for Sony A6300

The Sony a6300 Cage is packed with awesome features at a very affordable cost.
Not only can it shot 4k, it has slog and slow-motion with full pixel read out. The Sony a6300 is perfect to pair up as the B camera with the Sony alpha line. With that said, you’ll want to keep it protected and capable of mounting extra accessories.

The new Sony a6300 DSLR cage from is the perfect fit. Made from one solid peace of aluminum, it’s light weight and has all the features you need. HDMI cable lock, optional rod support, and optional top handle, you can make your Sony a6300 into a cinema style camera that can handle just about any situation.
Add essential mounting options and camera protection to your Sony a6300 or a6000 with the Camera Cage: a6300. The Camera Cage: a6300 is precision CNC machined from aluminum to create a sturdy, reliable exoskeleton for your Sony a6300 or a6000 camera. Designed specifically and exclusively for the Sony a6300 and a6000 cameras, this cage is form-fitting while allowing full access to all of the camera’s functions (buttons, battery/memory card, screen, and lens mount.)

100% CNC machined aluminum construction, made in the USA
Compact, form fitting design. Made specifically to fit the Sony a6300 and a6000
Full access to all of the camera's controls, buttons, battery and memory card door
1/4-20" threaded holes on the top, sides and bottom of the cage
Weighs 6 oz (170 grams)
HDMI Cable clamp Included
Measures 5.25 inches wide by 1.9 inches deep by 3.3 inches tall
The HDMI port door is not accessible on the a6000 but it is for the a6300.

It is a form fitting camera cage designed for the SONY Alpha a6300. It protects your camera while providing multiple attachment points for included accessories such as a cold shoe, handle, as well as available accessories. The cage is made from anodized aluminum for a smooth, corrosion resistant, durable cage that weighs about two thirds of a pound.

The A6300 cage design allows you to access all functions of the camera, while protecting the camera body from the stress of attaching accessories directly to the camera. The included two part handle attaches to the cage via rails, which can be positioned in many different configurations on the cage. The included cold shoe adapter is likewise positionable in many different positions on the cage, providing you a wide range of flexibility in attaching accessories.

Form Fitting Design
The cage works with the Sony NEX-7 camera, and attaches securely to your camera with a 1/4"-20 threaded screw to the base of the unit, which features a rubberized mounting surface.

Tripod Mounting
A 3/8"-16 threaded mounting hole is included on the base of the cage, so you can attach it to a camera plate or tripod head.

Mounting Points
The cage features Multiple 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes for attaching available accessories. Attaching accessories to the cage instead of the camera body itself protects your camera body from stress caused by the weight of the accessories.

Included Accessories
The cage includes a cold shoe, two minerals, a two piece handle, two eyelets, and seven 1/4"-20 tie down screws. You can mount the cold shoe to any of the accessory mounting holes, and the two minerals can also be mounted along the cage. The handle riser slides onto the mini rails, using a lever lock to secure it in position. The two minerals allows you to preset your handle position, and then quickly move the handle from one position to another, while maintaining a secure grip. the included eyelets allow you to attach available neck straps, so the whole A6300 rig can hang on your neck, as if the cage wasn't there.