24th Oct 2016

Affordable A6300 Cage for Sony A6300

The Sony A6300 is Sony's new small mirrorless camera, and it's packed with features.
Not only can it shot 4k, it has slog and slow-motion with full pixel read out. This camera is perfect to pair up as the B camera with the Sony alpha line. With that said, you'll want to keep it protected and capable of mounting accessories.
The new A6300 cage from SmallRig is your perfect fit. Made from one solid peace of aluminum, it's light weight and has all the features you need. HDMI cable lock, optional rod support, and top handle, you can make your A6300 camera into a cinema style camera.

In our tests, the new Sony Alpha a6300 pocket-sized mirrorless camera has proven to deliver some serious 4K video at a very low price. In many situations, we want to equip these bare bones cameras with different accessories, and that’s where a camera cage comes in handy.
Made from one piece of the high quality air aluminum, so that the camera cage is perfectly matched to your camera. What is more, this aluminum is lightweight and very resistant.
The SmallRig Camera Cage is really the most affordable one of them all. SmallRig also makes dslr cages for the Sony a7S and a7S II cameras and many others. Lots of users are very pleased with them. They are basic but offer lots of mounting points and accessories that you can buy to upgrade the cage later.

The Sony Alpha A6300 is a new pocket-sized mirrorless camera that has some serious video potential on a budget. Johnnie reviewed the camera a few days ago and earlier today Nino published a lowlight test video. We’re currently looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the camera in our test lab and have decided to compare the Sony a6300 vs. Sony a7S II.
In the Sony A6300 cage body, there is a cold shoe, which allows to mounting different accessories.
An often overlooked and a difficult attribute to quantify, I’ve decided to start by looking at the dynamic ranges at play in the a6300 vs. Sony a7S II debate. More often than not, we find that this is where many camera sensors fail to amaze—after all, a good dynamic range rating allows us to capture more shadows and highlights in high-contrast scenes.
Unique Cable clamp Solution which suits to different cable types, provides the protection of HDMI port in camera. In addition, it doesn't make a damage of cable plug.

At cinema5D, we had the chance to review a lot of camera cages last year. We’ve touched on Sony A7, A7S, A7S II and A7R II by almost all the manufacturers in our Sony A7S Cage Review and later our Sony a7S II Cage Review. Many of the cages didn’t make it onto the list of our favorites. Body of the cage is equipped with many mounting points 1/4. What is more, this cage is compatible with Sony a6000 and Sony a6300.
All in all, the Sony a6300 camera is a truly surprising camera. Who would have thought that a budget camera would perform so well when compared to the quality of the highly recommended. Easy and quick replacing of the battery and memory card.
The SmallRig Cage is really the most affordable one of them all.