Table Top Tripods

Posted by IX Brightman on 5th Mar 2019

As photographers and videographers, we search far and wide for the right gear that allow us to be able to get the job done, and be able to do it right. And as far as YouTube goes, our tripod needs ar … read more

SmallRig Atomos monitor cage hands-on review

Posted by ERIK NASO on 1st Sep 2017

The SmallRig Atomos 7″ Monitor Cage is designed to fit the Atomos Ninja Flame, Shogun Flame, Shogun Inferno and Ninja Inferno perfectly.The cage is one piece of aluminium alloy and is mounted to the A … read more

SmallRig EVF Mount Options

Posted by Scott Dumas on 30th Aug 2017

This time I’m taking a quick look at a few extra accessories for the SmallRig cage and rod system which I reviewed here.What I have is the Safety NATO Rail with a 15mm Rod Clamp and a 6 inch Rod/90 De … read more

SmallRig GH5 Cage for Panasonic Lumix GH5 Review

Posted by Scott Dumas on 25th Aug 2017

I also got a small lens adapter support which can help support lens adapters (which is quite obvious). It doesn’t get in the way even when not using it (it can be adjusted up and down) and will help w … read more

SmallRig GH5 Cage for Panasonic Lumix GH5

Posted by Scott Dumas on 18th Aug 2017

The SmallRig GH5 cage and accessories make for a very fairly priced and very high quality rig. While a lot of details may not appear drastically different from other designs, that’s not a bad thing. E … read more
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