SmallRig Right Side Plate for RED Scarlet-W/Raven/Epic-W/Weapon 2018

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SmallRig Side Bracket Kit for RED DSMC2 2018

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Designer:Miky Xie

SmallRig Right Side Plate for RED Scarlet-W/Raven/Epic-W/Weapon 2018 is an integrated side plate for Red camera, used together with top plate and base plate. It is compatible with Red DSMC2. It is secured in the threaded holes of top plate 1748 and base plate 1756 with 1/4’’ screws, which is very convenient for quick attachment. In addition, it is equipped with the rosette to attach rosette handle 1941 for handheld shooting and Dogbone ARRI Rosette Arm 1684 for shoulder shooting. Accessories with NATO rail can be mounted on the side plate. You could attach magic arms to the ARRI locating holes on the side plate to connect the monitor.

Key Features:
1. Quick attachment on top and base plates
2. Compatible with Weapon 6K/8K
3. Equipped with NATO rail to attach EVF support 1594
4. ARRI locating holes to attach the monitor

Epic-W 8k
Scarlet-W 5k
Weapon 6k/Weapon 8k

Product Dimensions (Estimated): 51.5 x 25 x 166.5 mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy