SmallRig Microphone Clamp 1993

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SmallRig Microphone Clamp 1993

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Designer: Shane LinLin

SmallRig Microphone Clamp 1993
Our customers wanted a microphone holder that locks the mic firmly, while can be mounted on different positions on 15mm rod. We came up with this prototype: made of aluminum alloy, this clamp mount can secure microphone on 15mm rod firmly. Rubber cushion in the clamp prevents scratching or sliding of the microphone.

Key Features:
1.Firmly lock the microphone with cushioned wingnut clamp
2.Compatible with all microphones with 19 – 30mm body diameter
3.Adjustable position on 15mm rods

All Microphones with 19–30mm body diameter

Product Dimensions (Estimated): 72x40x34mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy