SmallRig Manfrotto Dovetail Drop-In Clamp 2006

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SmallRig Manfrotto Dovetail Clamp 2006

This is an original design of SmallRig Manfrotto Dovetail Clamp 2006

Designer: Esther Chen

SmallRig Manfrotto Dovetail Drop-In Clamp 2006  is a CNC machined clamp that is compatible with Manfrotto 501PL plates and other Manfrotto standard QR plates. The clamp is equipped with two bumps so that you can adjust the plates forwards and backwards or release plate in seconds. Your camera can be secured on tripods, monopods, cradle heads, rails, lifting bases, stable gravimeters, and locked by clamp. When connected to a dual rod structure, this dovetail clamp helps you to shift between shoulder rig mode and tripod mode. Spare screws can be placed in 1/4” and 3/8” threaded holes. This gear is designed to connect your large and heavy camera to other devices.

Key Features:
1. Clamp Lock for Fast Install and Release
2. Works with Manfrotto Base Plate
3. Adjustable in Front-Rear Direction, Secured by Safety Bump
4. Compatible with Tripods, Stabilizers, Rails, Dollies, Shoulder Rigs, Lifting Systems

Manfrotto Quick Release Plates, Large and Heavy Cameras

Product Dimensions: 90 x 70 x 20 mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy

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