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SMALLRIG Lens Adapter Support 1764

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SMALLRIG Lens Adapter Support 1764 helps keep lens stable for sharper images. It is underneath the camera cage and also connects to the Metabones tripod foot. Between the lens and the cage, the adapter support is designed to anticipate a compact mounting point on which the camera is held. Integrated into the cage by M4 screws, it is quitely stable and fully suitable for different lenses.

It fits for SmallRig cages, such as 166016731675169617121633162016641635 etc.

1. Deft and exquisite;
2. Form fiting to Metabones Adapter;
3. Adjustable by Metabones's size.

Metabones T Smart Adapter Mark  ⅣMB_EF-E-BT4

1x Lens Adapter Support
4x M4x6mm screw
2x hex spanner

Dimension: 39x19.15x22mm
Net Weight: 25g
Material: aluminium alloy

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