• 5 INCH RUIGE TL-S500HD On-camera HD LCD Field Monitor for Video Cameras 794

5 INCH RUIGE TL-S500HD On-camera HD LCD Field Monitor for Video Cameras 794

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  • Model: TL-S500HD+Zoom-Trigger+HDMI-Lock
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Description of TL-S500HD+Zoom-Trigger+HDMI-Lock

* Video of RUIGE TL-S500HD working w/ CANON 5D 2 & 7D 

* Introduction Video of RUIGE TL-S500HD On-camera HD LCD Field Monitor

* A FREE Linear Zoom Trigger(value $28), A FREE HDMI Lock(value $10).

* Menu introduction of RUIGE TL-S500HD LCD Field Monitor.

Features of RUIGE TL-S500HD On-camera HD LCD Field monitor:

*What you see is what you get: CANON 5D's 3" Screen can only display %85, but RUIGE TL-S500HD realizes FULL Screen Display. (Full Screen Display also work with other monitors like Lumix GH2 with firmware V1.1)

CAMERA + TALLY: it's designed for Canon 5D mark II. The image in standby and record mode not FULL SIZE because it downgrades the original HD (16:9) image to 480p (4:3) image, and zooms out the image display at the same time, which is hard for cameraman to shoot. After you press CAMERA button, all the output signals will be displayed fully on the screen within the safety marker. And RUIGE TL-S500HD HD Camera Monitor do not drop resolution when you recording on CANON 5D or scale the image up. 

ruige tl-s500hd hd camera monitor full screen


*Peaking focus: 1. Please press ZOOM key, the image will be zoomed-in;  2.Press again to turn on peaking focus, which assists the cameraman to quickly focus. 3. Please press ZOOM key again to turn off the Peaking Focus.

reuige tl-480hd record on eos canon 50

*Dynamic Zoom via "Linear zoom trigger", which realizes zoom from the center point to assist quick focus. Canon 5D/7D's zoom-in doesn't work in video playback mode, so videographers cannot check the video details. But RUIGE TL-S500HD can Dynamic Zoom based on RPD technology (Restoration of Pixel Data).

 For CANON 5D, RUIGE TL-S500HD monitor Dynamic Zoom during Monitoring & Playback Mode, but can not zoom during Recording.  For CANON 7D, RUIGE TL-S500HD monitor Dynamic Zoom during Monitoring, Recording & Playback Mode.

 The reason why RUIGE TL-S500HD Can Dynamic Zoom during Recording with CANON 7D, not with CANON 5D: Dynamic Zoom is used for HD Video at least 720P, CANON 5D output 480P during recording, and Canon 7d output 1080P during recording.

*Safety marker function: 5 scales safety markers for different shooting requirements.

                       ruige monitro safty marker

*Decrease Time Lag between Recording and standby.

*A patented foldable and removable sunhood, which makes the monitor readable in strong sunlight and protects the LCD screen.

*SAMSUNG A+ LCD Panel: REAL 800x480 high resolution, high brightness, and high contrast ratio, so high picture quality.

*3 ways of power supply: a. home wall plug; b. Battery Plates; c. D-tap cable (optional D-tap cable makes you can power RUIGE TL-S500HD directly from your camera D-tap output if any.)


ruige monitor home power plug  ruige monitor battery plate ruige d-tap cable


* 2 options of Battery Plates:

   a. Ruige Battery Plate - CANON LP-E6 fits 2pcs LP-E6 batteries at the same time.


ruige battery plate for canon lp-e6 battery

   b. Ruige Battery plate - SONY fits Following Batteries Models:

NP-F330 NP-F530 NP-F550
NP-F55 NP-F550J NP-F570
NP-500 NP-F500 NP-F750
NP-930 NP-F930 NP-F930/B
NP-960 NP-F960 NP-F770
NP-F950 NP-F970 NP-F970/B
NP-F950/B NP-520

Optional SONY F970 & F550: (Better have 2 units because F970 needs 12 hours to be FULLY   recharged, F550 needs 6 hours.)

1pcs Sony F970, 1pcs Charger

2pcs Sony F970, 2pcs Charger

1pcs Sony F550, 1pcs Charger

2pcs Sony F550, 2pcs Charger


*Aspect ratio options: 4:3/ 16:9/ AUTO/ LETTER BOX.

*Monochrome: Black/white

eg.: White/Black color off                                 eg.: White/Black color on 

coollcd hd1 white-black-color-off   coollcd hd1

*Lightweight and Portable: less than 0.5kg net weight

*Certificates: ISO9000, CE, FCC, ROHS


Craftwork Highlights of RUIGE TL-S500HD On-camera HD LCD Field Monitor:

   1. Four to eight layers circuit to ensure signal integrity and stability.   2. All-solid capacitor from world famous suppliers: Murata, TDK etc., NOT unsafe short life aluminum electrolytic capacitors.   3. Unique power polarity protection design to protect the monitor  even though power polarity is reversed.   4. High-performance display chip, 3D deinterlace image processing technology, much better image restoration.   5. Whole lead-free production process to protect environment.


Specifications of RUIGE TL-S500HD on-camera lcd field monitor:

* Screen size: 5'' LCD
* Resolution: 800(H)×480(V)
* Dot pitch: 0.130(H)×0.130(V)mm
* Display ratio: 16:9 / 4:3/AUTO/LETTER BOX
* Brightness: 350cd/m²
* Contrast: 500:1
* HDMI Input: Yes(Only HDMI in, no HDMI out)
* Earphone: Yes, 3.5mm
* Response time: 10 ms
* Viewing angle: Left 70° / right 70° / up 60° / down 60°
* Input voltage: AC 220V / DC 12V 50/60Hz
* Voltage Range: 6.5V-36V
* Power consumption: ≤9W
* Cover material: ABS+PC
* Monitor size: (L) 147.5×(H) 100.8×(D) 29 mm
* Weight: 0.45 kg

Accessories included:
* Smart Sunhood: 1pcs
* 1/4" hot shoe mount adapter: 1pcs
* 0.7m Hdmi to mini Hdmi cable:  1pcs
* Home wall plug: 1pcs
* Paper Manual: 1pcs , You can firstly download PDF Manual of RUIGE TL-S500HD Monitor.

Optional Accessories introduction:

* HDMI Lock: To lock the HDMI cable tightly on the monitor back, keep away from troubles of unexpected HDMI cable dropping. (We offer for FREE)

* Linear Room Trigger (We Offer For Free): It's a cable with a switch and a 3.5mm connector.  Connect it to a ruige monitor, and you hold the Trigger's switch at hand to control the monitor's zoom function, no need to press the button on monitor. It makes zooming focus assistance easier and quicker. (We offer for FREE)

* D-tap Cable: The Optional D-Tap power cable enables your Camcorder's battery to power your monitor if your camcorder has a D-Tap output.

ruige d-tap cable for tl-s701hda lcd monitor


Features of Ruige TL-S500HD

Display Full Screen in Monitoring, Recording & Playback

Yes (press camera button)

Zoom in from Center Point

Yes (via linear zoom trigger), RPD Technology restoring to 1080 Pixel after ZOOM.

Dynamic Zoom in Video Playback

Yes (via linear zoom trigger)

Peaking focus

Yes (via linear zoom trigger)

White Edge Focus Assistance

Yes (via linear zoom trigger)

Safety Marker

Yes (5 scales)

Overscan / Underscan


Tally Display



Yes (via USB)

1/4" thread Yes, Top/Bottom

HDMI in/out


Composite Input


Component Input



Yes, foldable, extends MAX 9cm out

Earphone jack


External Speaker



Yes, only Black/white





Display Ratio

16:9 or 4:3, Auto, Letter box

Wide viewing angle

140°/ 120°(H/V)


ISO9000, CE, FCC , ROHS.

China Patent NO.:
1. Sunhood:ZL2008 3 1041225.4
2. HDMI Lock : 201120010975.4
3. Linear Zoom Trigger: 201120010973.5

USA Patent NO.:
1. Linear Zoom Trigger: 13/066,406
2. HDMI Lock: 13/068,528 

Color Temperature Adjustable


power supply

Battery, Home DC charger,

D-TAP cable

Battery Life time

F970,  7-10 hours.
F550,  3-4 hours.

(include battery)

0.7KG  w/ F970 & Plate
0.5KG  w/ F550 & Plate

OSD Languages



Free Zoom Trigger, Free HDMI Lock,

Free Hot shoe mount, Free Mini HDMI Cable, 

Free Home Power Adapter


Notes of Import Custom Tax in Europe:
Package declared >= following value would possibly incur taxes upon delivery, so many customers ask to write lower value on the invoice (we would write as low as we can if no instruction).
UK: 20% taxes if >= 15 GBP
Germany: 19% if >= 22 EUR
France: 19.6% if >= 22 EUR
Italy: 20% if >= 22 EUR
Ireland: 21% if >= 22 EUR
Other European Countries: 15-25% if >= 22 EUR

Reviews of  TL-S500HD+Zoom-Trigger+HDMI-Lock

     , February 5, 2013 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    IF you're looking for a good quality, cost effective monitor for your Lumix GH2 you're in the right place. Even though the S500 was made with Canon in mind it works flawlessly with my Lumix GH2. I can't tell you how pleased I've been going through COOLLCD for my field monitor purchase. Great... and I mean GREAT...customer service. I sent a total of four emails with various questions/concerns before and after my purchase while waiting on the shipment to arrive. These guys are awesome. The longest I had to wait for a response was 2 hours! The shortest was 8 minutes! My past experience with emailing customer service has been frustrating to say the least. Not these guys. They have a sincere sense of urgency and pride in their product. Oh and I almost forgot...shipping from China to the USA??? Four business days via DHL! From the time I ordered on line until the package was dropped off at my home in Kentucky, USA - Just four business days. COOLLCD supplied me with a tracking number right away to follow the delivery progress. I couldn't believe it when I tracked it Monday morning and it said, "On vehicle for delivery!" Ordered on Wednesday and received it on Monday! Very well packed, undamaged and everything in full working order as described on their site. Can't say enough good things about these guys, their company and product. Thank you COOLLCD and thank you "Hong" for your superior customer service. -Frederick
     Look no further, December 29, 2011
    As with all the reviews, the Customer Service is commendable. Quick response and accommodating. Only took 1 Day to ship from China to Singapore, tracked! Great value for $$, monitor works well with 5D2 as described. Build quality and features are fantastic at this price point. Encountered a bright pixel on my panel, however it is not very noticeable from the viewing distance and does not affect any functions. Do note that for 5D2, at full screen mode, the on-screen info (Aperture/ISO etc) are cropped off. All in all, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a 5" monitor.
     , July 4, 2013 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Bought a second one of these. Great product ... super fast shipping... 100% satisfied with CoolLCD as usual.
     quick delivery, August 25, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Dear Coollcd Team, thank you very much for your quick delivery. Everything is as discribed.
     , January 4, 2013 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Pour les francais, pas de problemes. J'ai interrogé sur la disponibilité et la compatibilité du produit avec le nouveau GH3 de Pana. La réponse a été quasi immédiate. Pour la livraison, 3 jours après chez moi !!! La qualité est bonne pour le prix. Le produit est conforme à ce que j'attendais. Je le conseille.
     3 days delivery, great service , August 9, 2011
    amazing, only 3 days after i placed the order. works well, it is really a great monitor at this price. good design and function. one advice from me is you\'d better add 2.35:1 image ratio which is very popular in cinema industry.
     , June 17, 2013 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Livraison éclair ! Hallucinant... 27€ de Douane. Vraiment hautement recommandé, bon produits, bon prix, et bip bip le coyote comme transporteur, COOOOOL !!!
     best price/performance, many free gifts, July 28, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    very cheap price for such a good monitor, much much better than lilliput monitor i bought last year. It can display the image full screen in monitor or recording mode on my CANON 5D, just as you said FULL Screen in Monitoring, Recording & Playback mode. The sunhood is much better than LILLIPUT small useless sunhood, also the sunhood is foldable to protect the screen. I also like so many free gifts. the linear zoom trigger is much helpful. all in all, the ruige tl-s500hd is the best price/performance monitor i met. so i recommend to ohter customers.
     very good price monitor, fast shipping, August 1, 2011
    i just got the monitor and used it with my CANON 5D, really a nice and cheap monitor for my CANON camera. well packed when it arrived.
     Im very impress, only 1 day.., August 18, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    PACKAGE HAS ARRIVE!! Im very impress, only 1 day.. The fastest shipping I ever had from online shopping.. Thanks for a great customer support and the fast shipping.. Im sure i will buy fro you again..
     high quality, fast shipping., August 25, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    The packaging fantastic! Opened for a long time:) Item High Quality! Fast shipping. Thanks!
     fast shipping, great service, September 4, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Lightning fast shipping, Great Communication, Super Seller!
     Ths,so great, September 5, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Prompt shipment, item arrived in good condition as described.
     how fast!!, September 6, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Speedy delivery + Excellent Quality + Great seller A+A+A+A+AA+A++A+A+A+A+A
     Excellent all around, September 12, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    If you have any doubts about ordering from China, this is the place. These guys are amazing - outstanding and really friendly customer service. Super fast shipping - from China to California in under 3 days via DHL. Well packaged. I was going to buy the Sony 5" monitor, then I found the Ruige for way less. It's a very sharp monitor and the zoom option is great for focusing. The sun shade is especially handy. I will come back again!!
     fast shipping. Amazing!, January 6, 2012 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    I got it today- I have never seen such fast shipping. Amazing!

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